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I am the Founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen and describes myself as an Inclusion and Belonging specialist that works with organisations throughout the UK, Europe and Elsewhere to bring culture change that allows people to thrive and perform at their best from pre-hire to retire.

My passionate is about helping organisations to develop policy and best practise to be more inclusive for all people. By challenging biases, I help them to develop a vision and strategy for conscious inclusion, with the aim of bringing about positive candidate, employee, and customer experiences. I deliver workshops, seminars, and training programmes both on-line and in-person.

Additionally, I promotes transgender awareness and support to businesses and assists them in developing allies’ programmes and LGBTQ+ inclusion strategies.

I am a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, and now Chair. A Member of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals, consultant, and facilitator who focuses on “people people” be that in Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, or Learning & Develop to bring sustainable change by establishing a “why of D&I” for both the Organisation and the leadership teams to ensure it is promoted throughout to all colleagues.

As well as being a sought-after keynote conference speaker I am also a prolific blogger and podcaster who hosts “Inclusion Bites” and is a regular columnist in a UK based National Newspaper where I share my views on Inclusion and Belonging and creating environments where people can thrive.

I was a contributor and featured in a Channel 4 (UK) documentary called “The Making of Me”, broadcast in February 2019 which featured on an episode of Gogglebox. This documentary was filmed over a 3-year period and detailed mine and others own personal gender transition and its impact on those around me.

Recently, I was named as one of the “Power List of the Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership in 2022” by, also one of the “Top 15 must-follow diversity & inclusion thought leaders to watch out for in 2021” by and one of the “125 People to Follow on LinkedIn About Diversity and Inclusion“ by

My mantra is “Smile | Engage | Educate” and that we should treat people as they wish to be treated.

My soulful impact has not gone unnoticed, I believe. Until recently served as a Trustee for akt, the LGBT+ Youth Homeless Charity.

My credentials go beyond my professional titles. I am an entrepreneur with a keen sense for business, having turned over £3m at the peak of her IT business and employing 25 staff. My legacy in the Round Table as the first openly transgender Past National President shows my ability to challenge societal norms and engage in philanthropy.

There is a thread that runs through my varied career, my commitment to community. From volunteering with Beyond Reflections, a Hampshire-based gender diversity charity, to contributing to the School of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton, and my community work is a testament to my innate drive for inclusivity and belonging.

As a transgender woman in my late 50s, and with a background spanning from the Royal Air Force to a thriving IT business and beyond; I am uniquely qualified to infuse authenticity and experience into the realm of diversity and inclusion. From my own personal journey, which amplifies my voice, making me not just a consultant but a heartfelt mentor and a vanguard in the mission for transgender awareness and support.

Now working together with my wife of thirty-seven years at SEE Change Happen in promoting ‘Positive People Experiences’ From my early days, with my experiences and achievements; I now hope to help and support others in the work that I continue to do for individuals and organisations alike….


Point 1
“The Inclusive Culture Expert” working with ‘people people’ to promote #PositivePeopleExperiences and cultures where everyone can thrive.
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Articles in HRZone, TheHRD, TrainingZone, Guardian, Work SmartPA, and others
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TV Appearances: UK Channel 4 documentary, Gogglebox, GBNews, – Host of the Inclusion Bites Podcast
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Clients: Jaguar Land Rover, John Lewis, Lego, NHS,, LexusNexus Risk, ManyPets, Unilever, Baxter, Levis, Siemans, GE Renewables, Network Rail, SnapInc
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CPD Standards Office Accredited Speaker
Fellow of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals
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Fellow and Chair of The Professional Speaking Association UK&I

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