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Congratulations on being nominated for the…

Positive Role Model Award!

The importance of having a role model can never be under estimated; role models help us to be driven, inspired, to focus, to achieve goals and strive to gain success.

In order for our judges to decide the shortlist for The National Diversity Awards 2021, we ask that nominees provide further information to help support their nomination.

Below are some questions which we hope you will be able to provide as a nominee for The Positive Role Model Award. The purpose of this questionnaire is to give our judging panel further insight into the work that you do. Any information beyond this is all classed as sufficient evidence so please feel free to provide links to Media / press releases, press clippings, or further evidence on the work you have done relating to the Positive Role Model Award.

You do not have to complete this exact questionnaire; however, it is available for guidance. If you do not feel comfortable answering any questions, then please send across information that could help support your nomination or contact myself at and I would be happy to answer any queries you may have.

It is vital that you send across your supporting evidence in order for our judging panel to make an informed decision regarding the final shortlist. 8 Shortlisted nominees will be chosen for each category based on the evidence provided and nominations/votes submitted. Good Luck!!!

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Thank you for completing the criteria for the Positive Role Model Award.

We wish all of our nominees the best of Luck!

Please email all evidence to