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Some Comments From Our Endorsers

NDA Endorsements

Celebrating Unity in Society

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Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

Actor, Comedian, Author, Journalist, Broadcaster, Film Director

“The UK is becoming more and more diverse. It is valuable that a national event is being held to celebrate our differences. Even now in today’s modern society we are still tackling issues of prejudice and discrimination so it is important to come together and focus on those who have demonstrated an outstanding work ethic in order to enhance equality, diversity and inclusion. I am sure The National Diversity Awards will have nothing but a positive outcome for years to come, I wish the event every success.”

Mariah Idrissi

Model, Public Speaker, and Online Personality

“Celebrating diversity in every industry is vital to show the younger generation they have role models they can be inspired by. This is one of the reasons why the National Diversity Awards is so powerful and needed today.”

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Graham NortonGraham Norton

Comedian, Television & Radio Presenter

‘’Promoting and celebrating diversity is close to my heart which is why I am thrilled to support The National Diversity Awards! I want to wish all of this years shortlisted nominees the best of luck for the ceremony, you all deserve to win!’’

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Katie PiperKatie Piper

Television Presenter, Author & Charity Campaigner

“It’s fantastic that more positive role models are being giving the recognition they deserve. I am fortunate enough to meet very inspirational people on a daily basis through my work – these people are out there they just need a big enough platform, I believe what the National Diversity awards are doing can only be positive and inspire us all to be the best version of us that we can be.”

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Trevor NelsonTrevor Nelson

DJ and Broadcaster

“There are so many inspirational people in the UK that represent all that is great about our diverse nation, and it’s about time individuals and groups from underrepresented backgrounds get recognised for their hard work and determination.”

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Beverley KnightBeverley Knight

Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

“Britain is brilliantly diverse. We are every kind of people. I love the idea that there is an awards ceremony that celebrates our differences and their positive effect on all our lives. Sadly I won’t be there as I will be on my honeymoon, but I know the National Diversity Awards will be a great night.”

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Ade AdepitanAde Adepitan

Paralympic Medallist and TV Presenter

“The diversity of the UK keeps our country endlessly exciting and interesting. Many parts of Britain inherit a great mix of people and we are constantly growing and taking in new ideas. Being from a BME and disability background I have overcome many barriers in my lifetime and think it is vital that others are commended for the amazing work that they do in the field of inclusion. Each individual differs to the next and there couldn’t be better time to focus on the positives of this. The National Diversity Awards will be a night full of celebrations and unity, which is what we need to represent as a nation.”

Tessa SandersonTessa Sanderson

Six time Olympian and first British black woman ever to win Olympic Gold

“It’s sad that to this day prejudicial treatment towards an individual of different beliefs, ethnicity and sexual orientation is ongoing. Having faced racism and discrimination in the past I know how hard people strive to be accepted. I am all for nurturing role models and talent form underrepresented backgrounds; I’m glad that The National diversity Awards is giving those from all backgrounds and upbringings a chance to be recognised for the hard work that they do within the field of equality and inclusion.”

Brian BlessedBrian Blessed

Actor, Author, Director, TV Presenter

“We have so many excellent role models and charities in Britain that go unnoticed. Equality and inclusion is always on the agenda and it is great to see an event is being held dedicated to those that work at the core of our communities, purely to make our nation greater. We need to embrace diversity and I am positive that The National Diversity Awards will have a lasting effect on those being rewarded for their efforts.”

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Javine HiltonJavine Hylton


“I’m proud to support the National Diversity Awards. It’s so important to celebrate every part of our society and create positive role models. We all need to have dreams and ambition to become successful in whatever we choose to do. It’s so important to never stop climbing and bettering ourselves – having someone to look up to gives all young people hope and inspiration. I hope to inspire my daughter in the same way my mother has, she is such a strong woman and has been through so much. There are so many inspiring people out there, we should celebrate them.”

Danny CratesDanny Crates

Former Paralympic Gold Medallist, World Champion, European Champion, Paralympic World Cup winner and record holder

“Diversity is the one true thing that we all have in common so it is great that people from all walks of life are coming together for such an event. It is vital that we honour those who strive to make a difference, there are not enough people/community organisations being acknowledged for the positive work that they do within communities. It is crucial that we do not forget the inspiring stretch of role models this country has to offer. Being passionate about equality is at the heart of my values, therefore I support The National Diversity Awards 2012.”

Amal FashanuAmal Fashanu

Journalist and TV Presenter

“If you step just a few minutes from your doorstep there’s one thing you will notice, which is how diverse our nation is. There are people from every part of this beautiful world integrated and living together, all thanks to the work of those who have strived for equality and inclusion within society. To those people we must all show our gratitude.”

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Karen DarkeKaren Darke

Paraplegic Adventurer, Paralympic Athlete, Author

“It seems an odd thing that we have to work hard for inclusion, when people and communities are by their very nature diverse. And yet we have to, because discrimination does exist. It’s perhaps fear or lack of understanding that gets in the way, but celebrating the contribution of diversity through recognition of charities that work to break down barriers, and events like the National Diversity Awards, is vital. It is these sorts of events that remind us of the value in diversity and inclusion.”

Gina YashereGina Yashere

British Comedian & Writer

“Diversity is not about how different we are, it is the one thing that is common among all of us. Sharing our differences is an adventure and what defines each individual. It is good to see that Britain is noticing the people and community organisations that work to create a more united society exclusively to bring us together as one. The National Diversity Awards will bring light to The UK, which I think is something that is definitely needed!”

Chris BoardmanChris Boardman

Olympic Champion and World Record Holder

“It is important to nurture more positive role models from diverse backgrounds and celebrate the achievements of grass- root communities that tackle issues that still remain in today’s society. I am committed to equality and inclusion and feel this is a very worthy cause that will bring opportunities to those who work hard for this cause without the intention of gaining recognition. It is fantastic that an event is being held that is dedicated to celebrating all strands of diversity.

I fully support The National Diversity Awards and its endeavours.”

Sarah & Barney StoreySarah and Barney Storey

Paralympic gold medallists

“Barney and I are delighted to support The National Diversity Awards in 2012. The rich tapestry of our nation comes from the fact we are blessed with talented individuals from across the globe who chose to work and live in the UK. Many are providing opportunities to others and inspiring less fortunate people from similar backgrounds to follow their dreams.”

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Meera SyalMeera Syal

British comedian, writer, playwright, journalist, producer and actress

“The UK has a vast amount of diversity, in order to contribute to a better society it is valuable to take in new ideas and beliefs. Coming from an Indian background myself I am very proud of my roots and culture, it is great that Britain is hosting an awards ceremony dedicated to every level of diversity throughout our nation. It presents charities and role models from underrepresented backgrounds with a chance to be rewarded for their hard work, and will push them to continue challenging those who remain prejudice and intolerant. The National Diversity Awards will be a significant occasion.”

Gareth ThomasGareth Thomas

Former Wales rugby captain, first openly gay professional rugby union player

“Being gay myself, I fully understand the struggles of people who feel unaccepted, and face being judged and discriminated on a regular basis. This happens so often when we fear those who are different to us, but it is not an option and shouldn’t be tolerated when we live in a place with so many beliefs and diversity. The media focuses so often on the negatives, it is about time something like The National Diversity Awards took the forefront, to recognise the great variety of people Britain has to offer.”