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Inclusive Awards

Nominations Open

15th February 2024

Inclusive Awards

Nominations & Voting Close

15th July 2024

(*Nominees will receive emails requesting further information during the months in between*)

Inclusive Awards

Judges meeting

12th August 2024

Inclusive Awards

Shortlist Announcement

16th September 2024

Inclusive Awards

Winners Announced

28th November 2024
The Midland Hotel Manchester

Nomination Process

Our judging panel will award each nominee a certain amount of merits for the following:

  • Quantity of nominations/votes received for that particular nominee.
  • Quality of nominations/votes received for that particular nominee.
  • How strongly your work relates to the award category you have been nominated for.
  • Evidence provided by the nominee themselves
    (You can upload this directly to your profile)

How do people nominate:

You can nominate through our website:

Alternatively, a nomination form can be sent upon request, please email

To nominate through the website is easy! Simply choose an award category, fill out the details required and cast your nomination…

What happens next?

  • Nominators will receive an automated email asking them to verify their nomination.
  • Nominees will then receive a ‘congratulations’ email
    informing them of their nomination and the next steps.
  • Nominees will be required to approve their nomination by creating a username and password on our nomination site.
  • Once a nomination has been approved, others can then vote for that particular nominee.
  • Nominees can upload a bio and supporting information directly to their profile for our judging panel. This will give nominees the opportunity to provide important information that the nominator may not have supplied in their initial submission.
Inclusive Awards

Nomination Site:

Nominees will have the ability to explore our nomination site upon approving their nomination. Although not compulsory, nominees will have the option to do the following:

  • Create a Username and Password allowing you to access your profile.
  • Add a profile image and biography for others to view
    during the voting process.
  • View your nomination and additional endorsements/votes that others submit for you.
  • Users will be able to view existing nominees through our Nomination Map, showcasing the vast array of nominees from across the UK.
  • Answer questions relating to their specific award category for our judges to view, in addition to providing supporting information.