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A New Normal | Liphook, UK

A New Normal is an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion consultancy, which started in 2018 as a one-woman show, with Founder, Trish running the business from her spare room. The business has grown in size and reach over the past six years expanding in terms of team, premises and client portfolio as well as geographically. Trish describes herself as a pragmatic idealist – someone who wants to change the world, but knows that where business leads, social change follows. We all know that every individual we work with as part of an organisation has the ability to make a difference, both within work and in the wider community. That’s why our business focuses on empowering organisations and individuals to understand what inclusion really means, and giving them tools to make the change.

Our objective is to sustain ourselves and do good in the world. We operate as a business, and see ourselves as values and value-driven, rather than solely profit-focussed. We want to make sure that our people are supported and sustained, and that we do our best for our clients. We adapt our business model for charity clients, either heavily discounting or working pro bono, as we recognise the potential breadth of impact that gives us. We only work with clients where we know we can make a difference, and always provide bespoke solutions, as we know that’s the way we deliver the most impact.

Since starting the business in 2018, A New Normal has worked with clients as diverse as Bauer Media, Salesforce, Audible, NTT Data, Oxford Brookes University, Liberty Human Rights, AND Digital and Over the Wall. We’ve delivered everything from one off interventions supporting inclusive leadership, all the way through to large scale culture change programmes. Our clients tell us we make a huge difference to their businesses, with one client describing the work we did as “transformational to the business”. We receive consistently brilliant feedback, both from organisations, and from individuals within those organisations.

In 2021, we reached almost 10,000 people with the work we did for various clients, and through our external channels. We are driven by creating a positive impact in the world, and are aiming to increase our impact in 2024 with an even further reach. We describe this as our “ripple effect” – knowing that anything we do doesn’t just touch those sitting in a room with us, but also has an impact on those they then share their insights with. We have a thriving YouTube channel, as well as a blog site and a podcast which reach hundreds of people each month. Having started out very local, we are now a global business, currently serving clients in the USA, Asia, Australia and Europe.

We pride ourselves on thinking big, and in 2022 launched a research project to amplify voices of those who have a less positive experience at work, and to provide learning opportunities for leaders to improve the world of work for everyone. This research project continues to grow and we look forward to sharing the results with the world in the next 12 months. Our Founder, Trish was a member of the UK’s UN CSW68 delegation, and continues to work with this network on issues affecting women worldwide.