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Acorn Training Ltd | Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Acorn Training are a national training provider delivering adult education, employability programmes, apprenticeships, justice services, skills and careers development with over 15 years’ experience. They have been recognised for championing equality, diversity and inclusivity within their work and continue to break down barriers for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, those battling mental & physical health conditions, returning citizens, the LGBTQ+ community, veterans and many more minority groups and underrepresented areas of society.

Acorn Training’s clear vision is to ensure safe and secure futures for everyone to succeed in life and work; supporting equality of opportunity and ensuring all people are provided with the same opportunities in life, no matter their background. Acorn Training achieves this through a highly inclusive approach to engagement and continued support for learners, participants and service users. With strong roots in the communities, Acorn Training changes lives, inspires individuals and their families to make a positive contribution to life through our person-centred employment support, learning and development.

Acorn Training also provides a range of services in partnership with His Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service. We deliver our services in the secure environment, through the gate and within local communities. Our 360° approach ensures we are well-equipped to cover all aspects of the rehabilitation journey and to support individuals into sustainable employment. We use the term \’returning citizen\’ to promote an inclusive, positive and forward-looking approach when talking about prison leavers. We can help you to understand the benefits of hiring returning citizens and increase your social value; providing opportunities to those who want to positively contribute to society.

Acorn Training promote an open and safe workspace internally, creating inclusive opportunities for people from all backgrounds. They also continue to reduce misconceptions and stereotypes within the sectors and industries they work with such as Early Years, Health & Social Care, Construction and Warehousing.

Acorn Training\’s diverse portfolio of inclusive work, breaking down barriers for individuals and communities from minority backgrounds, enable them to be a robust and strong candidate this award.