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Alli Fox and Diana Podlewska Monteiroand Giustina Souter | Leeds, UK

Creating the EAC was a creative but brave solution to address the lack of full representation in our most senior team. Brave because we’d never done it before and designed it from scratch. Brave because it took real courage to take the proposal to our Exec and ask them to face into their privilege and potential for groupthink. Brave of our Exec as they have been supportive from the start despite concerns about disrupting their team dynamic. And brave because we didn;t know how it would go. Ans it was a lot of work for a small team!
It was so well received by our people, seen as really innovative and an indication to keep driving the inclusion agenda forward.
Our Bupa Group CEO is now interested in adopting a similar approach for Bupa’s Board and Chief Exec Committee, which is great and we’re proud to have led the way in our part of Bupa,