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AXS Passport by Diversity and Ability | Brighton, Brighton and Hove, UK

AXS Passport is a digital accessibility tool that is transforming how we approach reasonable adjustments in the workplace and beyond. Through its innovative features and user-centric approach, AXS has become a game-changer for its users, whether they identify as disabled and/or neurodiverse or not. This nomination aims to recognise AXS Passport’s outstanding contribution to inclusion through innovative technology.

Traditional accessibility passports have limitations, hindering their effectiveness. AXS Passport addresses these limitations through its digital nature, enabling users to share and update reasonable adjustments and accessibility requirements seamlessly via iOS and Android apps or the website. This dynamic approach allows users to keep their accessibility requirements and reasonable adjustments up-to-date, ensuring better support throughout their journey in education and beyond.

Unlike accessibility passports that are tied to specific organisations, AXS empowers users to share their needs across various environments, including educational institutions, medical facilities, and workplaces. It eliminates the hassle of filling out multiple documents, offering a streamlined solution via its website or phone apps.

Crucially, AXS does not focus on diagnoses, ensuring inclusivity for everyone, regardless of whether they have had access to a diagnostic assessment. Instead, its intersectional approach emphasises barriers rather than labels, enabling individuals to share their unique needs openly and confidently with whomever they choose. By providing a safe space for users to communicate their needs, AXS fosters psychologically supportive workplaces and educational institutions.