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BrightHorizon Advisory was founded with a clear vision: to bridge the significant gap in access to careers in finance for students from underrepresented backgrounds. Since its inception, BrightHorizon has faced numerous challenges, from initial funding difficulties to scaling operations to meet increasing demand. Despite these hurdles, the organization has achieved remarkable success and growth.

BrightHorizon began as a small initiative, driven by a passion to provide equal career opportunities and has since processed nearly 1,000 applications. We have carefully selected over 70 mentees who have benefited from personalized guidance, helping them secure impactful positions within the financial sector. Our mentor network has expanded to include 15 seasoned professionals, which speaks to the resilience and dedication required to maintain and grow our mission.

The achievements of our mentees highlight the effectiveness of our approach. For instance, one of our mentees secured a full-time offer from a boutique investment bank and returned to BrightHorizon as a mentor. This cycle of giving back is central to our philosophy and underscores the sustainable impact of our work.

BrightHorizon continues to strive towards a future where diversity is not just encouraged but embraced as a fundamental aspect of the financial industry. Our journey is one of overcoming obstacles, celebrating successes, and continually learning and adapting to serve our community better. Each step forward is a testament to the power of mentorship and the potential of every individual, regardless of their background, to achieve greatness in the field of finance.