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City Group Security Diversity Team | London, UK

City Group Security has established itself as a company that fosters an inclusive and equitable work environment. Over the past year, we have undertaken significant efforts to embed the values of Equity and Inclusion, Respect, Responsibility and Impact, and Honesty and Trust into the very fabric of our culture. Through a collaborative approach involving all senior leaders, we have created a supportive atmosphere that ensures all 4,000 colleagues feel a deep sense of belonging and purpose. This nomination outlines the comprehensive strategies and initiatives that we have implemented to nurture a culture of inclusivity and excellence.

Equity and Inclusion
A steadfast commitment to equity and inclusion is our ethos’s core. Recognising that a diverse and inclusive community is integral to fostering a sense of belonging, we have prioritised these values in every aspect of its operations. The process began with a unique initiative that involved all 26 senior leaders contributing words that resonated with their personal and professional values. The consensus words—Equity and Inclusion—now serve as guiding principles for our business.
Our commitment to equity and inclusion is evident in its proactive approach to diversifying its workforce. We actively seek individuals from various backgrounds and experiences, ensuring equal opportunities for employment and advancement. Our training programs further demonstrate this dedication, which educates colleagues on the importance of inclusivity and provides them with the tools and knowledge to foster a respectful and value-driven environment.
Honesty and Trust
Our commitment to creating a culture of honesty and trust resonates with our entire team. We strongly emphasise transparent communication and ethical behaviour internally and in our partnerships with clients and stakeholders. This commitment is reflected in our policies, which prioritise open dialogue, integrity, and accountability, further strengthening the trust and confidence of all involved.
We have implemented several initiatives to build and maintain trust, including regular town halls and workshops where employees can voice their concerns and share their ideas. These forums promote community and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Additionally, the company has established a value recognition scheme to honour employees who exemplify honesty and trust in their daily work. Recipients of this award are celebrated in the company’s quarterly newsletter, further reinforcing the importance of these values.
Respect is a fundamental value that underpins our interactions with employees, clients, and the broader community. The organisation strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. This commitment is reflected in our company’s policies, which promote equal opportunities and prohibit discrimination and harassment.
Our respect-driven culture is evident in its conflict resolution and employee relations approach. We provide training on effective communication and empathy, equipping employees with the skills to navigate and resolve conflicts constructively. By fostering a culture of respect, we ensure that all colleagues feel valued and supported, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.
Responsibility and Impact
We recognise the importance of making informed choices and striving for positive change. The company is dedicated to creating meaningful impact through its business practices and community engagement efforts. City Group Security demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility by actively seeking ways to improve its services and contribute to societal well-being.
One initiative that highlights our commitment is the value recognition scheme, which honours colleagues who contribute significantly to the business and the community. Awardees receive certificates, value pins, and vouchers; their achievements are highlighted in the company’s newsletter. This program acknowledges individual contributions and inspires others to strive for excellence and positive impact.
Vision and Mission
Our vision and mission statements encapsulate the company’s dedication to service excellence and innovative solutions. The vision, “Pushing the boundaries of service excellence by delivering innovative, dynamic solutions to meet societal and environmental changes and develop harmonising partnerships across multiple sectors,” reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration.
The mission, “To be at the forefront of our customers’ minds through solutions and innovative service delivery,” emphasises the importance of staying ahead of the company to remain a leader in its field while fostering an environment that encourages creativity and innovation.
Implementation and Impact
Implementing these values has been a comprehensive and collaborative process. After identifying core values, City Group Security organised workshops and town halls to cascade these principles.