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Af Malhotra is a prominent advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and the founder of Diversity Economics AI (DEAI), a company dedicated to leveraging artificial intelligence to support global companies in improving their DEI efforts. He is also the founder of Diversity Economics Institute, which focuses on research and advocacy in the field of diversity economics. He is also involved with Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates, where he coaches and motivates young entrepreneurs to realise their potential.

Af champions diversity through various avenues:

1. Diversity Economics AI (DEAI)
DEAI is a GenAI data company that aims to build a “DEI super-brain,” utilising artificial intelligence to provide robust DEI data and insights, creating systemic change by integrating DEI into the core of organisational culture and decision-making processes.

2. Diversity Economics Institute
Diversity Economics Institute conducts research and provides insights into the economic impacts of diversity. Through its research and with the support of its 30+ global advisory board members who are also prominent DEI champions, Diversity Economics Institute aims to influence policy and corporate strategies to foster inclusive environments that benefit employees, organisations, and society at large.

3. Thought Leadership
Af is an active speaker on DEI topics, sharing his insights at various conferences and summits. He emphasises the importance of inclusion and empowerment as foundational elements of diversity. His talks often focus on the need for systemic change and the role of leadership in fostering an inclusive culture.

4. Philanthropic Activities
Through his philanthropic efforts, Af supports initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion. He is involved in mentoring and coaching young individuals, helping them to harness their talents and achieve success regardless of their background.

Key Ideas and Advocacy

Af’s advocacy is rooted in several key ideas:

Inclusion as a Mindset: He believes that inclusion is more than just a program; it is a mindset that creates a sense of empowerment and belonging. Inclusion involves active participation in decision-making processes and being recognized and respected within an organisation.

Systemic Change: Af argues that real change requires addressing deep-rooted biases and prejudices within organisations. He advocates for making DEI a board-level priority and ensuring that diversity officers have significant decision-making power and resources.

Diversity Beyond Basics: He emphasises that diversity extends beyond gender and race to include diversity of thought, personality, sexual orientation, culture, and socio-economic background. This holistic approach to diversity is essential for creating truly inclusive environments.

Af’s impressive work underscores his commitment to making diversity a fundamental aspect of organisational culture and leadership. His efforts aim to create lasting change by addressing the core issues that hinder true inclusion and empowerment.