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Through inspirational training and community projects, we empower individuals and organisations to rationalise and embrace a commitment to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and Wellbeing. From small tweaks to cultural transformation, we are experts in engendering positive change.
Although only formally est. in 2023, Engendering Change is already having a huge impact in our local community (Portsmouth) and beyond. We work with young people, schools and businesses to deliver projects on LGBTQ inclusion, support for and acceptance of asylum seekers, empowering and inclusive sex education and so much more.
At Engendering Change, our values drive everything we do. We believe that:
– Change is made possible when people feel inspired
– Change is about growth, not perfection
– Difference is something to be celebrated, not tolerated
– Committing to EDI and Wellbeing is a smart business choice
– Empowering others is a privilege
Wherever we work, we lift individuals and organisations up to be the best they can be.

We work with schools across the country, promoting a commitment to EDI and Wellbeing and helping all stakeholders to find their own authenticity and embrace a commitment to their mental health. We have taken our success in education to the corporate world and deliver strategic support and inspirational training with our expert team of trainers.
Our Founder and most of our Associates have received multiple awards but if we received this one it would be our first as an organisation.

Although we haven’t been around for long, we’ve already achieved so much that we’re proud of.
Trading as a sole trader just 13 months ago, our Founder Jo Morgan has now grown Engendering Change into an organisation which has positively impacted the lives of thousands.
Whilst we are proud of the roster of clients we’ve amassed and schools we’ve worked with, nothing can beat the impact we’ve had in our local community of Portsmouth.
We are particularly passionate about empowering young people to change the world positively and we have used our commercial work and additional funding to support this mission.
Some key achievements in the community include:
– Established Portsmouth’s first ever Youth Cabinet in partnership with Portsmouth City Council as a way to amplify the voices of young people across the city and enable youth-led community projects
– Ran the election for the Member of Youth Parliament, engaging thousands more young people in this democratic process than ever before
– Connected the Youth Cabinet with decision makers across the city: MPs, The Cabinet, Council Officers, Business and Charity Leaders
– Connected youth organisations across the city to bring young people together and amplify the voices of those who are harder to reach
– Collaborated with Shaping Portsmouth and local business leaders to establish a new project for youth employment in the city
Connected the Youth Cabinet with decision makers to push their agendas e.g. universal free school means, equitable school holiday clubs, improved sexual health services and much more
– Developed/ developing work for Portsmouth City Council including anti-racism road map for schools, Combatting Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse Toolkit for Schools, Upskilling teachers across the city in sex education and a PHSE leads network
– Voluntary work for Portsmouth City of Sanctuary and the Girls’ Network
– Organised young people to be represented at Portsmouth Gay Pride and to speak on the main stage. We also facilitate three of these young people being on the Portsmouth Pride Stakeholder Network
– We have been successful in winning the Save the Children’s Children and Young People Fund for the Youth Cabinet’s Save Our Solent campaign
– After winning grant funding from Portsmouth City Council we hosted LGBTQ worksops for young people across the city with street artists. Following this, we installed a huge ‘Love is Love’ mural in a local park and held a community picnic
– We secured grant funding for a second year, hosting a Christmas party to bring local young people together for a party with young asylum seekers. Every child living at the local hotel was given a £60 voucher and gift
– Secured young people to present awards at the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards and Portsmouth Men’s Awards
– Delivered pro bono talks to schools students on LGBTQ+ inclusion, anti-racism, migration, sex education and combatting misogyny
– Delivered pro bono teacher training on the above
– Organised young people to speak at the local memorial for Brianna Ghey

Our Founder Jo Morgan’s new book Empowering Relationships and Sex Education has just been published by Routledge. Jo is often asked to speak to the media about this important topic and defend sex education against some of the recent, unfounded attacks from the government.