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FutureGKN ERG is a pioneering initiative within GKN Aerospace, dedicated to supporting young professionals in their early careers.
Recognizing the unique challenges faced by young employees, such as feelings of isolation and limited networking opportunities, FutureGKN was established to provide a structured platform for connection, collaboration, and professional growth. Our mission is to create a dynamic and inclusive community that spans across various locations and disciplines, empowering young professionals to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the future of GKN Aerospace.

Since our inception, we have achieved significant milestones that reflect our commitment to fostering a vibrant professional community. We have successfully established six local chapters in the UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, the US, China, and India, with plans to expand to other locations. These chapters serve as vital hubs, connecting over a 1000 young professionals from diverse sectors, including Civil, Engines, and Defence. Our global network enables members to share knowledge, explore new opportunities, and collaborate on innovative projects that drive the aerospace industry forward.

One of our core achievements is the organization of numerous impactful events that facilitate cross-regional collaboration and professional development. In 2022, we joined our Leadership Summit, where 16 young professionals led interactive workshops on collaboration, sustainability, talent attraction and retention, and innovation. This event not only highlighted our members\’ leadership capabilities but also fostered a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the organization.

Our participation in major industry events, such as the Farnborough Airshow and the Paris Airshow, has further solidified our presence and influence. At the Farnborough Airshow, 30 young professionals from the UK, Sweden, and The Netherlands engaged in manufacturing tours and site visits, enhancing their understanding of industry operations. Similarly, the Paris Airshow in 2023 saw 20 young professionals from various local chapters come together to learn about the wider industry, fostering international connections and broadening their perspectives.

In 2024, we hosted an International Symposium in The Netherlands, themed around Business Strategy and Global Collaboration. This event will bring together 40 young professionals from six local chapters to explore existing initiatives and the future of the aviation industry, sparking innovation and creative thinking.

In addition to these global events, each of our local chapters organizes more than 50 events annually, ranging from workshops and networking sessions to mentorship programs and social activities. These events are designed to connect young professionals across locations and disciplines, enhancing their professional skills and creating a supportive community.

The benefits of FutureGKN ERG extend beyond individual professional development. By fostering a sense of belonging and community, we have improved job satisfaction and retention among young employees. Our initiatives have also promoted a culture of innovation and collaboration, leading to the development of new ideas and improved business strategies. Ultimately, FutureGKN ERG has significantly contributed to the inclusive and forward-thinking culture at GKN Aerospace, positioning the company as a leader in promoting diversity and inclusion within the aerospace industry.

Through these efforts, FutureGKN ERG continues to empower young professionals, enhance their career trajectories, and drive the success of GKN Aerospace. Our journey is a testament to the power of community and collaboration, and we remain committed to fostering an environment where young professionals can thrive and make meaningful contributions to the aerospace industry.