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I founded Netwomen out of deep frustration with the lack of female representation in leadership roles and the daunting 132-year wait for gender parity, as projected by the World Economic Forum. My mission is to achieve a 50:50 gender split at the top. I believe that a sustainable future for the next generations requires collaboration and collective growth. Our coaching, peer support, and global collaboration Edtech platform provide ambitious women with unique opportunities to learn, grow, and elevate themselves.

My proudest achievement is being a single mother to my son, Kian now 16 years old, who inspires me daily to create a thriving world for his future. Witnessing others lead and succeed brings me immense joy, and I have had the privilege of helping many clients reach their dream goals through transformational coaching. I love traveling, experiencing diverse cultures, and connecting with new people, which reaffirms our shared humanity.

My drive stems from my heritage and the strong women in my family, particularly my mother and grandmother. My grandmother hailed from Tanzania and my mother from Mumbai, and I am proud to be an Indian first-generation British woman raised in Leicestershire. With a supportive family, incredible friends, and a team of women who have my back, I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. The pandemic, in particular, was a turning point where I transformed crisis into opportunity, proving that one can achieve anything with determination.

As a leader, I am hands-on and involved in all aspects of my work, from administration to coaching and event management. I started leadership coaching a decade ago, focusing on imposter syndrome and inclusive leadership long before they became popular topics. Initially, Netwomen targeted B2C during the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we evolved, the alarming statistics on gender parity motivated me to focus on career women.

I realized that the absence of talented women at the top stems from systemic issues. Despite long-standing discussions about equality, we now need to prioritise equity for a fairer world. Women often undervalue their abilities, leading to a mass exodus from roles due to limited opportunities and career progression. To combat this, employers must rethink their strategies for retaining and attracting female talent, incorporating Netwomen into their employee value propositions.

After years of listening to women’s struggles, I recognized the need for a community of ambitious women to collaborate and elevate each other. Our Edtech platform is a plug-and-play resource where members can develop inclusive leadership skills, engage in discussions, and participate in events like group coaching and global collaboration. Members can also speak at our events and join me on the podcast Netwomen Uncut, focusing on building confidence, performance, and productivity with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

Our programs, such as the Inclusive Leadership Program and the Women in Leadership program involve men as allies and decision makers in this movement, to educate, raise awareness and foster inclusivity. In the next five years, I envision Netwomen as a global brand integral to organisations seeking sustainable growth and gender equality and our mission is to empower 1 million people. I am committed to continuing this mission for gender parity, creating a world where women can thrive alongside their male counterparts. Winning this Diversity and inclusion Tech initiative Award would greatly help us expand our reach and amplify our impact, bringing us closer to a fair and inclusive future.