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OutMakingGames (OMG) is a non-profit organisation empowering LGBTQ+ professionals within the games industry. We strive to create a more inclusive and diverse gaming landscape through programs, partnerships, events, education and advocacy, fostering a community where everyone’s identity is celebrated and their contributions are valued. We are a group of games industry professionals and volunteers, whose passion is to serve the LGBTQ+ Community of video game professionals.

Every member of OMG’s leadership team is a volunteer who works professionally in the games industry. We provide our time for free to make the games industry (and the world) a safer, more welcoming, better-educated place for everyone under the LGBTQ+ rainbow.

To achieve our mission, we focus our efforts on four core areas: Community Building through our Online Community, Events & Meet-Ups that we organise often with our sponsors, education and Advocacy through Partnerships and influencing the broader discourse on social and other media.

Our vibrant Discord community serves as a sanctuary for LGBTQ+ individuals within the gaming industry. Here, members find a monitored, safe space to connect, share, and learn from like-minded professionals year-round. Whether discussing career opportunities, engaging in Q&As, or sharing a love for games, OMG is a beacon of support and understanding.

OMG organises various in-person gatherings throughout the year, from game studios to Pride marches. Our events, which range from professional meet-ups at industry events like Develop Brighton to casual get-togethers in alcohol-free spaces, ensure that every community member has a place to feel supported and connected. We are passionate about hosting safe and engaging networking events tailored for the LGBTQ+ community within the UK and European games industry. From company-sponsored gatherings to central industry event participation, we aim to foster connections, camaraderie, and support among LGBTQ+ professionals and allies.

We collaborate with esteemed organisations like BAFTA Games to champion LGBTQ+ visibility and inclusion in games. During Pride month and well beyond, we take over social feeds, highlight diverse talent, and advocate for removing anti-LGBTQ+ content in new games and remasters. Our initiatives extend to ensuring the safety and inclusiveness of event locations, spotlighting essential resources like nDream’s event safety documentation, and pushing for a broader dialogue on mental health within the games community.

Our Blogs contain insightful articles on current events, historical reflections, and vibrant discussions centred around LGBTQ+ experiences in games. From celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month to analysing industry trends, our blog is a platform for education, empowerment, and community building. Join us in exploring diverse perspectives and stories shaping our community and the gaming industry.

We’ve successfully prevented anti LGBTQ+ content from making it into re-releases of renowned games which sell in the hundreds-of-millions.

We’ve partnered with world-famous video game studios, to educate them in online-safety, LGBTQ+, anti-bullying, equality diversity and inclusion and more to ensure their game content is appropriate, and they also keep themselves and their co-workers and the wider world safe, and treat everyone appropriately.

We’ve stood up again and again for the rights of trans men and women, and will continue to do so, educating others and pushing back on the fear certain groups use and weaponise for their own gain.

We’ve provided an online space where LGBTQ+ individuals can be their true selves whenever they want, or seek help and advice whenever they need

We’ve run countless IRL and online networking events.

We drive intersectionality, and ensure allies know they are always welcome at our events, in order to avoid exclusion, because we all know only too well what that feels like, and because we are stronger, together.