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I am grateful for my life story being at the end of my career the reflective perspective breakdown the lived experiences which enabled me to connect through my work . I am driven by relatable truthfulness, theory and practice throughout every aspect of my life .
Equal opportunity and acceptance has been the golden thread which brings my practice together. Brighter futures for next generations and the rich tapestry of what could be if we all invest and work collaboratively to unite communities . Acceptance and adaptability to listen and hear from others within communities within all aspects of our daily environment.
To be humble is such a great attribute within one’s self , to remain grounded with eyes and ears open to all conversations and real connect by implementing thoughts and ideas to improve outcomes but equally build communities and active involvement. Throughout my career it has always been to see others flourish and achieve and grow as individuals and continue the life long journey.
Education has been the opening for my career but more specifically and importantly an opportunity to grow and learn in an inclusive environment. Using education to highlight the outstanding qualities that are hidden from classrooms and nurturing and developing relationships to celebrate individual success and growth. To work together to heal past traumatic experiences and through reflective practices promote positive change. Seeking to build relationships and learning practices with professionals to improve all aspects of teaching practices which encompass a holistic approach, curriculum and culture.
Working together to improve and include and to keep the golden thread running throughout.
My career has enabled me to work within my local communities , towns , and the whole of Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Luton Huntingdon , Bedfordshire, fenlands , Peterborough and currently Jersey Channel Islands . Key note speaking , teaching , adults and children working and developing improved performance with partner agencies from Uniformed Services, Health , Children Social Care , NSPCC , Safeguarding Partnerships Board , CAMHS . It has been a true test of my own resilience to change working practices to improve the outcomes for our future generations. It continues to present with great challenge but the importance to focus on over 30 years of hard work is the results which are evident in the children and young people who are now adults themselves some teaching , writing , performing . Using their voices to inspire change in future generations in a positive way and holding on to the golden thread to remain humble , listen and see everyone in your community.
Unity in all communities means just that and wherever the career path goes I bring am proud to bring and share a piece of me , my community with me . I am proud of my heritage and the diversity and I am proud of my town and the people who enrich my home town .
Contributing to community events near and far is perhaps one on the greatest achievements and through music , food , dance , art , performance it is the most powerful element in communication, inclusion, connection and understanding. There are many heroes who have like me dedicated their lives to investing in their communities and I am proud to call them my friends who I can call and share opportunities who work to improve the lives of others first and foremost. From very early in my life one of my greatest challenges was to learn to find my voice, it became lost as did my view of myself and the world . My inspiration , mentor and motivation who restored my confidence, faith and belief- and found my voice will always be the greatest part of my journey, and without that person sac their presence, brief in me I quite simply cannot say where or what my life would have been.
I have fought hard for inclusion, I’ve been hurt by humanity, I’ve felt unimaginable pain and loss I felt alone in my life, I have felt pride , joy , excitement and love and included . My rollercoaster adventure has been quite something but I’ve survived and I truly believe in part it is because of my faith in truth , in doing what is right and that we are stronger together.