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Sefton@Work, established in 2003, is Sefton Council’s job brokerage service. It supports unemployed Sefton residents by providing free employment and training services. Acting as a one-stop shop, it offers guidance, skills development, funding and job placement assistance. Employers also benefit from free recruitment services, helping them hire new, often inexperienced staff, who may otherwise be “left behind” in the job market.

Target Audience:

The service caters to individuals furthest away from the labour market, facing various employment barriers, including limited work history, disabilities including mental health, language challenges, low or no skills, substance misuse or previous criminal activity. It serves clients of all skill levels and diverse backgrounds across Sefton, operating from offices in Bootle and Southport and conducting outreach in job centres, Wellbeing Centres, and the Sefton Community Learning Centre.

Client Services:

For job seekers, Sefton@Work offers:

Information, advice, and guidance on jobs, education, and training.
Mental Health Counselling and well-being advice and support
Face-to-face and virtual appointments.
Assistance with CVs, applications, cover letters, and interview techniques.
Access to job vacancies and recruitment initiatives.
Funding for work equipment, clothing, training, and travel.

Employer Services:

For employers, Sefton@Work provides:

Free bespoke recruitment services.
Advertisement of vacancies and management of applications.
Pre-screening of applicants and introduction to active job seekers.
Funding for wage subsidy placements, enabling employers to hire less experienced clients.

New Initiatives:

Sefton@Work has introduced the Fit For Success and Create For Success courses, integrating the 5 Ways to Wellbeing: connect, be active, take notice, keep learning, and give. These courses focus on improving physical and mental well-being and fostering creativity and entrepreneurial skills and have proved to be successful with our client group and the local community.


Over two decades, Sefton@Work has implemented programs enhancing social and economic resilience. It addresses barriers such as long-term unemployment, limited skills, disabilities, mental health issues, substance abuse, lack of confidence, refugee status, and language challenges. This systematic approach promotes inclusivity, employability, and economic independence.

Support Process:

Trained advisers complete an Initial Action Plan for each client, including assessments of skills, employment history, health, language, culture, and equality. Tailored interventions follow, such as skills development, mental health support, disability awareness, confidence building, substance abuse programs, and language acquisition.

Employer Engagement:

Strategies include:

Establishing partnerships with local businesses for jobs and supported paid placements, where Sefton@Work funds salary costs for up to 12 months.
Providing job readiness training, resume support, interview preparation, and networking opportunities.
Promoting workplace diversity and inclusion, ensuring staff are trained in inclusive practices.

Social Mobility Benefits:

Sefton@Work’s efforts result in:

Financial stability and reduced welfare dependency.
Enhanced skills and qualifications, leading to better job prospects.
Improved social integration and reduced isolation.
Better mental and physical health.
Breaking the cycle of generational unemployment.
Reduced inequality by supporting disadvantaged and marginalised groups.

We have attached PDF copies of our latest online newsletter, Welcome Pack (which is issued to all prospective and new clients) and case studies pack. I have included links below to each as they are best viewed online.