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The City Security Council | London, UK

The City Security Council (CSC) is leading on Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion through a filming campaign that spans the UK to change the face of security.

The CSC has met and filmed over 300 front-line security personnel to show that the security industry is championing diversity and inclusion. We have captured backgrounds, religions, beliefs, sexual orientations, genders and disabilities, whilst being advocates for people bringing their authentic selves to work

The feedback has empowered us to keep going and we are now in phase 3 of the project. It has been extremely rewarding to hear from the fantastic talent in the industry, a job that over 400,000 security officers do 24/7 over 365 days per year, the project has been equally as rewarding for the officers who are included in the project.

The CSC is made up of 39 companies and it is now growing at an aspirational rate. The CSC’s EDI Board is a voluntary board who are passionate about making equity achievable by working together, it is Chaired by Sarah Jane Cork, of City Security Group, and deputised by Sarah Hayes, from Securitas. The other Board members are instrumental in the success of the project and have been influential in the vision and direction of the project.

We don’t have any funds at The City Security Council as we are not for profit, which means we receive sponsorship from our members and other sources. We have now raised £17,000 to be able to keep our passion going and to achieve our vision of showing that a role in security is welcoming and rewarding, as well as being a diverse and inclusive place to work.

Through the project, we have created physiological safety and a community that praises and recognises the exceptional work that security personnel do daily. The project has connected with us as the EDI Board and seen healthy and meaningful collaboration that has benefitted the industry and empowered the professionalism of the security industry.

The project named ‘Changing the Face of Security’ was about creating a change in the perception that people have of the industry and relating to the vast amount of security roles and sectors that are diverse and inclusive.

We have felt proud and honoured to give our time to a project that benefits the future of the security industry and all the people who work in security.

It would mean the world to the City Security Council members, the security industry and us in the EDI Board to be recognised for this nomination with an award.

Promoting and embracing diversity is crucial to positive change within organisations and society. When prioritising diversity, an organisation can create a more inclusive environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth.

The project received great success on LinkedIn and we were consequently contacted by the City Security Magazine to feature in an article for their Autumn addition – this can be found below:

City Security Magazine Autumn 2023 :: 18 (
Here are some ways our diversity project has driven excellence:

Through its innovative approach of storytelling and collaboration, the EDI Initiative has added value, improved performance, and driven excellence in pursuing a more inclusive and diverse security sector.
The EDI Initiative, spearheaded by the City Security Council, has demonstrated a remarkable ability to identify diversity variables based on protected characteristics and correlate them with job roles within the security industry. By collaborating with 39 security companies, the initiative has achieved a profound reach across the United Kingdom, fostering relationships grounded in a shared vision of showcasing the security industry as a leader in diversity and inclusion.

One of the most impactful aspects of the EDI Initiative lies in its ability to amplify the voices of front-line security professionals through video testimonials. These videos have been utilised to promote the security industry on various social media platforms, including International Security Officer Day and the Security Industry Authority national conference. Furthermore, the initiative has plans to expand this approach by taking it into schools, colleges, and universities, thereby attracting talent from previously underrepresented areas.

The project, aptly named “Change the Face of Security,” has evolved into a powerful movement that has captured the attention and discussions of many. By allowing individuals to share their authentic stories, the initiative has provided more profound insights into the professionalism and influence of security professionals. Consequently, it has successfully influenced buyers within the security industry to recognise the value that Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) brings. It has demonstrated that an inclusive and diverse workforce brings forth innovative and creative individuals with various skills in mitigating threats and managing security effectively.