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The Clear Company is a trailblazer in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion, making a profound impact on organisations and communities alike. Through its unwavering commitment to its purpose and values, the organisation has achieved remarkable success and continues to inspire positive change.
The Clear Company has delivered culture and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) transformation for 2 decades, establishing in-depth expertise with a global team of over 40 experts. Our vision is to disrupt and innovate, creating an inclusive world of work. Culture change is at the heart of what we do, we are progressive leaders within our sector, acting as a catalyst for more inclusive cultures that are grounded in evidence-based decision making.
Our values:
Courageous and curious – We will bravely challenge our clients to be innovative and progressive in approach. Our curiosity ensures that we explore the organisations we work with to truly understand them and establish a trusted partnership based on a depth of knowledge.
Authentically inclusive – We provide a safe space without judgement for our clients to explore diversity, equity, and inclusion and support them when mistakes are made. Our work includes everyone, to take them on the journey which we have proven enables change to happen.
Pragmatic expertise – We are pragmatic in our approach to creating change – working at a foundational level when needed which does not prohibit the progressive work we do.
We work with organisations who want to make progress in the DEI space and help them to create a more inclusive world of work for their workforce, supply chain, customer inter-actions and wider community.
The Clear Company’s journey has been exciting and challenging in equal measure. From a micro business, through to the organisation we are today, we have remained committed to an evidence-based approach aligned to our purpose. When faced with non-inclusive views and actions we will explore the origin to enable us to courageously challenge, educate, and support drawing on the expertise we hold, not shying away from difficult conversations.
As a result, we have re-invested all profits since 2017 into creating accessible solutions for all, which is evidenced in the unique and innovative Clear Assured platform, which breaks the mould of accreditations by focusing on a continuous long-term journey to achieve true cultural change.
Most recently the focus has been on creating a digital platform specifically focused on SMEs to ensure that practical and affordable solutions are available to them. My Inclusion Hub is due to launch in the next few months providing measurement, tools and resources for impact and learning for all. Helping SMEs to understand their demographics and the experience of their employees at work is a key element of the My Inclusion Hub strategy. The challenge is to engage SME audiences with pragmatic guidance and learning that will have an immediate impact. For example, one area of focus is challenging non-inclusive behaviours in the workplace to enable inclusive cultures to develop. Simple learning solutions, available digitally, help with engagement and lead to greater
The Clear Company are committed to evidencing our impact – a few examples include:
– 2000 leaders provided feedback on our learning programmes in 2023 – average score of 4.6/5
– Experience of marginalised groups improved by 14-15% over a 3-year client programme
– 300+ client trust Clear Assured to support and measure their culture and DEI journey
– Achieving sector-wide change for example in the Lloyd’s of London Market and the infrastructure sector where we have facilitated a comprehensive approach that has enabled collaboration to maximise impact.
The Clear Company have also been recognised by the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) as Consultancy of the Year in 2022, nominated by Balfour Beatty.

Feedback included:
“The judge was impressed that “The Clear Company left no stone unturned in their ability to show how they had worked in partnership with the client and the impact of their work.” (CIPD judge)
Our work also extends outside of our client base. The Clear Company are founders and gold sponsors of the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) which is a national, voluntary group with one purpose: to break down the barriers faced by the millions of disabled people who are entering or progressing through the job market. RIDI was established in 2011, by Executive Director Kate Headley, who is also a Government Disability Access Ambassador and has helped thousands of disabled job seekers get back into work.
As The Clear Company looks to the future, it remains dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable world for all, continually driving progress and innovation in the DEI space.