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The Places for People Inclusion and Belonging Network | London, UK

We are Places for People, the UK\’s leading Social Enterprise. We change lives by creating and supporting thriving Communities.
Our business consists of complementary companies that are market leaders in homes and Communities, regeneration and development, investment management, property management and leisure.
We own or manage more than 240,000 properties that are the homes to around 500,000 Customers right across the UK. We operate 100 leisure facilities that support the health and wellbeing of our Customers with an average of 1.9m visits a month.
Using the power of partnership and working collaboratively, almost 11,600 colleagues in more than 20 specialist companies create Communities and provide People with opportunities and choice in a way that few organisations can match.
What sets us apart from other organisations, is that beyond providing housing or leisure opportunities, we have a genuine commitment to improving people’s lives and Communities as a whole. Through our social impact work, we use our precious resources to make a real and lasting difference through schemes that offer support with employment, health and wellbeing, finances, homelessness prevention and more. In 2022, our social impact work delivered £272 million in wellbeing value to Communities and £300 million in 2023.

Our Inclusion and Belonging (I&B) communities have come a long way since their inception, evolving into a cornerstone of our organisation\’s culture. These communities were established to create a more inclusive environment where every employee feels valued and supported. Over time, they have grown in influence and impact, driving significant positive changes and fostering a culture of belonging.
One of our early milestones was joining HouseProud, a charity dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ customers within our communities. This partnership marked the beginning of our commitment to external collaborations aimed at enhancing inclusion both within and outside our organisation. Building on this foundation, we recently partnered with Carers UK, an organisation that provides support and resources to our colleagues with caregiving responsibilities, who make up 15% of our workforce. This partnership underscores our dedication to addressing the diverse needs of our employees.
Our I&B communities have also played a crucial role in improving our internal practices. With their input, we created a new Inclusive Language Guide, which offers reassurance and guidance to ensure everyone\’s language is inclusive. This resource helps foster a more respectful and considerate workplace environment.
Additionally, we have made it a priority to celebrate and recognise key dates in style. For International Women’s Day, we produced a TikTok-style Barbie reel (available on request) featuring senior leaders from across the business, showcasing our commitment to gender equality in a fun and engaging way. We have also produced numerous podcasts where colleagues share their lived experiences and offer advice and support around various disabilities, including physical, hearing, and neurodiversity. These initiatives have helped raise awareness and promote understanding of different challenges our colleagues face.
Our six I&B communities, each led by a passionate colleague who serves as chair, have accomplished so much and are driven to do even more. From fostering partnerships with organisations like HouseProud and Carers UK to enhancing our internal practices and celebrating diversity through innovative initiatives, our I&B communities are making a lasting impact. While we have achieved a great deal, there is always more work to be done, and our dedicated I&B chairs and members are fired up and ready to continue driving positive change within our organisation.