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The Women Automotive Network is the first international platform, founded in 2019, dedicated to supporting and empowering women and their allies in the automotive industry. Our mission is to be the driving force behind the development of strong leaders and managers, facilitate change, and promote diverse leadership within the automotive sector.

We are a global community of 39,000+, connecting with each other through:
• Global Summits: online, Detroit, Germany and plans in the works for Singapore and Mexico
• Personalised mentoring: one-to-one & group sessions
• Invaluable resources, including monthly newsletter, Leadership Series, articles and a book (coming October 2024!)

Our mission is clear: to drive diversity, foster inclusivity, and inspire change within the automotive sector.

Why DE&I matters?
Diversity and inclusion are critical for fostering innovation, driving business growth, and creating a positive work environment. Our mission is to:
• Attract and retain top talent from diverse backgrounds.
• Improve decision-making by incorporating different perspectives.
• Enhance customer satisfaction by reflecting the diverse needs of consumers.
• Build stronger relationships with stakeholders and communities.
• Drive innovation and creativity through diverse teams.

Our background:
Our story began with a simple regional breakfast meetings and panel discussion in 2016. We noticed the lack of women representation at industry events and decided to create a dedicated space for women in the automotive industry. This evolved into our first Women Automotive Summit in 2019, Germany with 174 people. The pandemic, with the necessity of online events, expanded our reach globally, and today, we connect with 39,000 professionals across 108 countries!

Our network is not just for women; it’s about creating an inclusive environment for everyone, with women at the forefront because gender representation is the most visible gap in our industry. We welcome all to get involved in our joint mission as we are #BetterTogether