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I have been employed as the Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for Lincolnshire Police since the inception of an EDI team in May 2022.
With over 20 years experience as a HR professional, I am inspired by a genuine passion for people.
With an unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity and equity, particularly for women and girls. Having always worked in working environments dominated by men (Defence and Policing), I have been determined to ensure opportunities are accessible to all. Regularly supporting recruitment campaigns and initiatives, to encourage more women to take up a career with the Armed Forces.
Since establishing the first EDI strategy in Lincolnshire Police, my vision was to ensure EDI was embedded across the force with a focus on our external community interactions as well as our internal workforce. This has enabled our EDI initiatives to become a whole force effort and not just something that the EDI team does.
As a supportive leader, my aim has always been to empower others, to open doors and breakdown barriers.

Some of our EDI achievements include;
Disability Confident Level 3
Placing in the Top 50 Inclusive Companies for 2 years running
Introduced an EDI Policy, Strategy and Delivery Plan
Enhanced the ability for public across Lincolnshire to be involved in our Scrutiny Panels
Our Police Staff Gender Pay Gap is 0.36% with over 25% of women in our workforce employed in Senior Grade roles.
Supported enhancements to adoption policy (including paid leave to mark the celebration day)
Introduced Neurodiversity training for all student officers and supervisors
Introduced a community led training input for Policing Black Communities led by Pastor Icheke
Increased awareness of the ability to contact the Police if English is not your first language
Introduced Sign Live for all Officer mobile devices