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Words From Our Patrons

NDA Patrons

Celebrating Unity in Society

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Misha BMisha B

Singer, Songwriter & Rapper

“I’m delighted to be a patron of The National Diversity Awards. A great opportunity to recognise and celebrate diversity in all its glory. I’m really looking forward to being a part of the event, and longer term helping to raise the profile of this awesome cause.”

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Peter TatchellPeter Tatchell

Activist, Campaigner and Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation

“It is a huge honour to be a patron of the National Diversity Awards, which does such outstanding work to promote, empower, profile and acknowledge organisations that are pioneering amazing initiatives on equality and diversity issues.”

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Drew-Ashlyn CunninghamDrew-Ashlyn Cunningham

My Transexual Summer Star

“To be asked to carry on supporting the awards and being a patron again is something i feel so proud to be a part of, you only get one life. You come into this world on your own and you leave it alone. What you do in between is your choice to make. Be happy within yourself, be young at heart and be proud of who you are. Society is not what it makes of you its what you make of society. Be yourself no matter how tough it can be, it gets better and better. Were all the same creatures on this earth, we all feel and we all love, once you learn to escape to the sunshine the next step to take is to help others escape too. If I can help in any shape or form it not only benefits myself because I learn daily but also helps others feel better – the awards are continuing to grow and im glad to be one of the flowers blossoming with it.”

Peter NorfolkPeter Norfolk OBE

The Quadfather. Wheelchair Paralympic Quad double Gold medalist

“I am delighted to be able to support the National Diversity Awards. It is so important to celebrate our successes and to recognise the extraordinary efforts of those people who work tirelessly to improve our society and promote the positive outcomes of diversity. I know as well as anyone, that being different can present its challenges, but I hope I also represent what can be achieved when people see what I am capable of. We should celebrate our differences, it is part of what makes us a great society, a wonderfully tolerant place to live, work and visit, and I am delighted that The National Diversity Awards does just that.”

Lewis HancoxLewis Hancox

Star of ‘My Transsexual Summer’

“I know from experience that sometimes it can be hard to love yourself, or to even just accept yourself. I’m transgender and I used to think that meant there was something wrong with me. I now know that it’s just something a little different about me. Every person on this earth is ‘different’ in their own way. By embracing these differences and celebrating diversity we can inspire so many people to feel proud of who they are.”

Jackie GreenJackie Green

Model, Transsexual Beauty Queen, Miss England hopeful

“In a time when discrimination is all some people know and different ideals of beauty are displayed on the covers of every magazine, we need to remember and celebrate what makes us as a nation truly beautiful. Our diversity.

The National Diversity Awards is such an important and amazing cause because it does just that. Every day people are judged, mistreated and made to feel less than human because of small differences that make them stand out. The goals that the awards have are so important and very close to my heart which is why I am so honoured to have been asked to be involved.”

Clare HarveyClaire Harvey

GB Sitting Volleyball Women’s Team & Head of Corporate Responsibility, Financial Services Authority

“I am proud to be both an elite athlete and an openly gay woman; I could not give my best in my sport without being free to be completely myself. Sport and sporting occasions such as London 2012 are a great opportunity to see across divides, provide diverse positive role models to young people across the world and to open up discussion and put diversity on the agenda. It’s also a great opportunity, like this to celebrate achievement irrespective of difference.”

I feel honoured to be part of such an exciting event as this, where those who are making a real difference to our society every day are recognised. I look forward to meeting you there!”

Jody CundyJody Cundy

Paralympic Gold Medallist, British Cyclist and Former Swimmer

“I am proud to be supporting The National Diversity Awards – a fantastic celebration of the achievements that would often go unnoticed, but ultimately have enhanced today’s culturally diverse society, bringing together and creating role models from all walks of life! I look forward to meeting the nominees on the night!”