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Chris Desai, a luminary entrepreneur and philanthropist, hails from humble beginnings in Leicester, UK, where he has emerged as a beacon of inspiration and a community pillar. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of vision, dedication, and compassion. Through his endeavors, Chris has made significant contributions to the United Kingdom and globally leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Chris is best known as the founder of The Vayyu Foundation, a registered charity dedicated to environmental conservation and community empowerment. Guided by his passion for sustainability and social justice, Chris has spearheaded numerous initiatives under the foundation’s umbrella, including two groundbreaking global projects: UOCEAN 2050 and UEARTH 2050.

UOCEAN 2050 is a visionary endeavor aimed at addressing the pressing challenges of ocean conservation. Chris recognized the urgent need to combat plastic pollution and safeguard marine ecosystems for future generations. Through innovative strategies and collaborative efforts, UOCEAN 2050 seeks to clean up canal, river plastics and ocean plastics, while also raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices worldwide within ethnic minority and isolated communities. Chris’s leadership has mobilized diverse communities, with a focus on ethnic minority groups, to actively participate in blue conservation efforts, making these critical initiatives accessible and inclusive.

Similarly, UEARTH 2050 focuses on green conservation, emphasizing the importance of reforestation, biodiversity preservation, and climate resilience. Chris’s commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond traditional boundaries, as he collaborates with inner-city communities and schools to foster a deeper connection to nature. Through tree planting initiatives and educational programs within deprived areas and stigmatised communities, UEARTH 2050 empowers individuals to become agents of positive change in their local environments.

Beyond his environmental advocacy, Chris is a proponent of holistic wellness, recognizing the interconnectedness of human well-being and planetary health. He champions practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, promoting a harmonious relationship between mind, body, and nature through UEARTH 2050, combining conservation and wellness together. By integrating wellness into his philanthropic endeavors, Chris empowers individuals to cultivate inner resilience and contribute to collective flourishing.

Chris’s impact has garnered widespread recognition, including prestigious accolades such as the BBC Make a Difference Award in Leicester – Best Environmental Initiative. His tireless dedication to addressing climate and environmental challenges has earned him a nomination for the Earthshot Prize in 2024, a testament to his global influence and leadership.

Chris has been honored as winner of the Forty Under 40 UK for his exemplary contributions to climate and environmental stewardship, from speaking at COP28, to Saudia Arabia, Indonesia and beyond. His innovative approach to conservation, coupled with his unwavering commitment to social justice, distinguishes him as a rising star in the field.

Despite his international acclaim, Chris remains deeply rooted in his community, serving as a source of inspiration and empowerment for future generations. His journey from humble beginnings to global prominence serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion, purpose, and perseverance. Chris Desai’s legacy continues to inspire individuals worldwide to strive for a more sustainable, equitable, and compassionate future.