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My name is Pinky Ghadiali and I am the founder and CEO of Netwomen, I created it out of frustration with the lack of females and lack of diversity in networking groups. Throughout high school I never felt like I belonged, being the only brown girl in an white girls school. I was always ‘othered’ at school and I wanted to create an inclusive space for women of colour like me so my passion comes from my own life experience. I built my business during the lockdown, which has hit women globally 36% worse than men, and a further 28% worse for women of colour like myself, to help women grow their careers during a time of crisis.

Above all however, my most important achievement is that I am a proud single mother to my son, Kian, who inspires me every day to create a world that is thriving for his future family.
I truly and wholeheartedly believe that we hold the power to create a global community full of inspired and successful women who will champion growth and diversity for all.
Travel is my true passion. I love finding out about diverse cultures and people. discovering new places to explore and food. I enjoy seeing others lead and succeed and I have been lucky enough to help my clients achieve their dream goals through my transformational coaching.
Reading or audiobooks are what help me develop professionally as well as a few wonderful coaches that have guided me along the way for the last 4 years.
I aim to make this world a better place for my son and grandchildren’s future. I want them to grow up in a world where women of colour are treated fairly and just and at the helm of decision-making and change. My drive comes from my background, my own mother and my grandmother. They have been a true inspiration in my life and have helped me be the woman I am today. My grandmother was from Tanzania and my mum from Mumbai. I am proud to say that I am Indian and first generation British, born and brought up in Leicestershire. I am lucky to have a supportive family around me, incredible friends who I value highly and a tribe of women who have my back. I am truly grateful for all the opportunities that have come along and most importantly I am thankful for the pandemic which I turned a crisis into an opportunity. You never know what you are capable of until you have to make the first step and go for it.