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John has over 20 years of experience. His passion for disability inclusion is evident in his work across various platforms and forums. In 2016, John was diagnosed with bowel cancer and hydrocephalus, which he overcame through treatment. Following his recovery, he wanted to use his experience of brain injury to support others in a similar position while working more flexibly.
Today, John is a staunch advocate for disability inclusion. His work involves bridging the communication gap between companies and individuals with neurological or hidden disabilities. John has observed that although many companies have policies and procedures, they are not always compliant, and there is always room for improvement. For instance, supportive adaptations could include taking breaks to minimize fatigue or using laminated cards to request space or quiet time. By implementing these changes, companies can strengthen their working relationships and create a more engaging workforce.
Over the past two years, Eagles Wings Consultancy has been supporting organisations to engage with people with disabilities in the workplace. The founder of the consultancy has attended various events at the Houses of Commons and Lords, supporting both the National Brain Injury strategy and Small Businesses (retrospectively). He has also attended the launch of Lilac Review and participated in a focus group to bring change for entrepreneurs with disabilities. Additionally, he is part of the North East Together Network social leaders for change, an active member of the government’s regional disability stakeholder network, and voted in as a public governor for an NHS trust. It is worth mentioning that much of his work is voluntary.