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Edwin Danso | London, UK

I embarked on my professional journey in the music industry, collaborating on music production and featuring on compilation CDs alongside some of the world’s most renowned musicians. Transitioning into parenthood and driven by a desire to cultivate a stronger community in Brixton, I transitioned into the realm of politics. In this arena, I served as a Digital Organiser for the South East of England, dedicating my efforts to various Local, EU, and General Election Campaigns, shedding light on the myriad social injustices confronting marginalised communities.

My trajectory then led me into the realm of professional services, where I joined PwC and founded Off The Agenda Podcast with Sir Charles Bowman, Past Lord Mayor. Here, I was also honoured with a Special Award for Diversity and Inclusion in November 2021, bestowed by PwC UK. This recognition stemmed from my establishment of The ColourBrave Film Club in July 2020, following the tragic murder of George Floyd. This initiative was conceived at PwC to perpetuate and sustain conversations surrounding race and equality, embodying a steadfast commitment. This initiative has effectively transformed what was once a challenging dialogue into an accessible, engaging, and ongoing conversation, catalysing personal growth and community cohesion.

My professional contributions have been recognised through several accolades and nominations, including:

Shortlisting for the Race Equality Champion Award at the DEI In Tech Awards in 2023
Nomination for the Inclusive Companies Diversity Power List in 2023/24
Shortlisting for the ‘Social Mobility Initiative of The Year’ at the Burberry British Diversity Awards in 2022
Shortlisting for the ‘Best Business Podcast’ at the British Podcast Awards in 2022
Shortlisting for the ‘Social Mobility Initiative of The Year’ at the European Diversity Awards in 2022