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Inclusive Minds UK (IMUK) isn’t your average consultancy it stands out from the crowd. Established in 2023 by Ria Jackson, IMUK is on a mission to break barriers and promote neuro-inclusion in workplaces and schools across the UK.

Ria’s journey is the driving force behind IMUK’s success. It all began with a blog – a platform for her to share her experiences as a transitioning military veteran, a woman, and someone navigating mental health challenges. This simple connection blossomed into a thriving award winning online community for women veterans, showcasing Ria’s unwavering dedication to fostering understanding.

But Ria’s journey wasn’t over.

A late diagnosis of ADHD and Dyspraxia, alongside her experiences in teaching, training, and parenting a neurodivergent child, known fondly as the Mini, revealed the hurdles faced by neurodivergent individuals. This personal revelation sparked the birth of IMUK – a neuroinclusion training and consultancy driven by compassion with a heart of gold.

IMUK’s secret sauce?


Collaboration is the cornerstone of IMUK’s approach. Ria’s firsthand experiences, coupled with her wider team’s expertise and insights, create a powerful synergy of empathy and action.

IMUK are not just consultants dropping knowledge bombs – they’re passionate “rockstars” who geek out on the latest neuroscience, industry trends, and local needs. This means their services are not only innovative but also perfectly tailored to the unique challenges faced by UK organisations.

IMUK’s impact is undeniable. Working with Big names like Purple Tuesday, Eurostar, and Valuable 500 all standing alongside a vibrant diverse portfolio of clients including local charities and organisations. One project that truly shines: their collaboration with Walking With The Wounded to create the first-ever neurodivergent veterans support pathway in the UK. Talk about changing the game!

Under Ria’s leadership, IMUK has thrived, challenging norms and championing the value of every mind. Ria’s commitment to excellence and collaboration has been pivotal in IMUK’s journey. Her role as a guest speaker and advocate further underscores her dedication to driving positive change.

In the past year, IMUK has witnessed exponential growth through community engagement and partnerships. Collaborating with local organizations in South Yorkshire and affiliating with esteemed names like BHF The Priory Centre, Cygnet Health Group and Mind, IMUK has spread neuro-inclusive practices far and wide. Here’s a glimpse into the neuroinclusion training programs IMUK offers:

• Neuroinclusion Training: These engaging workshops break down complex neurological concepts into clear, actionable insights. This equips participants with the knowledge and empathy to understand and support neurodivergent individuals. IMUK’s offerings go beyond the basics, with programs like:
o NeuroBridge: The Executive Leadership Programme. This program specifically targets senior leaders, empowering them to champion neuro-inclusion from the top down and fostering a culture of understanding throughout the organisation. Including an holistic mix of training, coaching, psychological therapy along with practical and actionable steps .
o From Neurodiversity to Neuroinclusion: A 6-Part Series: This comprehensive series delves deeper, providing a structured learning journey for individuals and teams. Participants gain a thorough understanding of the neurodiversity spectrum, exploring conditions like ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and Autism. Through interactive exercises and real-world scenarios, the series equips participants with practical strategies to create inclusive practices within their specific workplaces or schools.
IMUK also offers:
• Workplace and Educational Needs Assessments: They take a personalised approach, working closely with you to assess your unique needs and challenges.
• Strategic Inclusion Plan Development: Once we understand your situation, we collaborate to craft a practical and sustainable inclusion plan, outlining actionable steps towards a more inclusive environment.
• Ongoing Support and Mentorship: IMUK believes inclusion is a continuous journey. They provide ongoing support and mentorship to ensure you stay on track with your inclusion goals.
By investing in IMUK’s neuroinclusion programs, you’re not just making a change, you’re creating a ripple effect of understanding and opportunity.

IMUK doesn’t just talk the talk – they walk the walk. Every training session, every consultation, is fuelled by a genuine desire to empower individuals and create inclusive environments. By supporting IMUK, you’re not just endorsing a consultancy – you’re backing a movement for a more inclusive future.